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Ltd. was established in 2009, formerly known as Shenzhen Renqin Technology Co. The company specializes in the production, grinding, testing, equipment and various optical device equipment, automation equipment and peripheral production consumables for fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic connectors, etc. We have a highly qualified management team and a professional R&D team. We have been expanding our production scale for more than ten years and have established a production base in Hubei, China. We have many years of professional and technical personnel engaged in the field of optical fiber equipment research, but also with the domestic universities, research institutes and professional institutions to establish a good relationship, in the development of products won many awards and applied for a number of technical innovation patents, won the trust and affirmation of customers. In the fiber optic connector automation equipment, automatic cable stripping machine, automatic stripping machine, bulk assembly machine, MPO/MTP full set of production equipment, automatic cable cutting machine, fiber optic grinding machine, grinding jig, automatic glue injection machine, 3D interferometer, insertion and return loss tester, and so on the field of equipment development, production have high strength, in the same industry has been exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and good pre-sales, after-sales service We are in the leading position. We have a variety of equipment accessories and a variety of precision hardware fixture design and production capacity. We have a complete range of turning, milling, grinding, computer gong and slow-walking processing equipment, which can meet the production of various large and small automatic equipment and machinery parts. We have strict control over the quality of our products, from incoming materials to the formation of products out of the warehouse in all aspects of the staff to ensure that the product quality. In terms of after-sales service, the company respects the concept of "perfect service, quick response". We are ready to respond to customer needs, provide corresponding pre-sales and after-sales services, and send professional staff to meet customer requirements at the first time.

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